• Theme : All-year round beautiful nature
  • Location : Yongdam-ri, Sanae-myeon
  • Period : Spring, summer, fall, winter 11:31
  • View Point : It recreates the ambience of the scene depicted in the . The water and stones harmonize beautifully and the caved shape of the stone is powerful. It is recommended to take a photo from the downstream on the other side of the brook towards the upstream.
The Gukungugok refers to the nine areas such as Banghwagye (season where flowers blossom around stones in the spring), Cheongokhyeop (valley where clean deep waters have a jade color), Shinnyehyeop (valley of goddesses), Baekundam (pond like a white cloud), Myeongokrwe (ponds with sounds like that of jade breaking), Waryongdam (dragon pond), Myeongweolgye (valley of bright moon), Yunguiyeon (deep waters that praises will), and Cheongseokdae (stones piled in layers).