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City Tour


Fee Information

Fee Information
Section Adult Children (4-13 years)
Fee Chuncheon Station: 19,000 won 10,000 won
Hwacheon: 15,000 won
Note Free for children under 3 years old
Includes traveler’s insurance
Lunch and some admission fees not included
  • ※ Limited to 20 first-come, first-serve basis.
  • ※ Reservations end 7 days prior to tour for DMZ pass (cooperation with military base).
  • ※ Refunds for cancelation of tours given until 17:00 2 days before the tour (Thu).
  • ※ Souvenirs given to all participants
  • ※ Local cultural experience activity and volunteer activity time given for children (10 hours)
  • ※ Tour may be canceled when tour group is under 10 people.
  • ※ The course may be subject to change.
  • ※ Please contact us for questions on city tours on weekdays. TEL: 033)440-2575

Detailed Course Operation Plan

Detailed Course Operation Plan
Hour Min Place Note
09:30   Chuncheon Station Meet/depart at tourist information center
10:00~10:30 30’ Hwacheon Folk Museum Arrival → photo in royal court costume, pounding and tasting rice cakes
10:00~13:10 40’ Bungeoseom (Is.) Arrival → cart railcar, zipline experience


Oxygen (O2) path: Bridge to Forest Arrival → walking along oxygen (O2) path
※ in case of rain, visit Vietnam Veteran Plaza or Weolha-ri Taegeuk Hall
13:40~14:00 20’ Paraho Security Exhibit Visit Paroho Security Exhibit
14:00~15:30 90’ Water-world Café Leo Paroho (Lake) tour
15:30~16:30 60’ World peace bell/Peace Dam Bell park, Bell striking, Peace Dam tour
16:30~17:00 30’

Native fish ecology experience hall

Fish sky path
17:00~17:20 20’ DMZ/Ggeomeok Bridge Via civilian restricted zone or Haesan observatory/filming location for movie ‘Comrades’
17:20~18:30 70’ Mountain trout craft studio waterwheel park Craft experience (optional) or Waterwheel park
(Queen of King Gwanggaeto, largest waterwheel, constellation)
18:30~   Chuncheon Station End

Program Fees

Program Fees
Program Fee Note
Weolyeobpyeonju (over-water bicycle) 30 minutes 1 bike 10,000 won 5,000 won gift certificate after returning bike
Kayak 10,000 won 1 kayak
(same for 1 person/2 person kayak)
5,000 won gift certificate after returning kayak
Zip-line 15,000 won round trip 1 person 5,000 won gift certificate after returning
Bungeoseom Bicycle 10,000 won 1 hour
(same for 4 person/2 person bike)
5,000 won gift certificate after returning
Oxygen path MTB bicycle 10,000 won 1 bike 10,000 won gift certificate after returning

The Hwacheon Love Gift Certificate can be used as regular currency in all areas of Hwacheon (stores, markets, gas stations, restaurants, agriculture and specialty good sharing villages, etc)